Deflation Mechanism

The whole idea of a token is built on its deflationary mechanism, which will reduce the number of tokens by all sorts of combustion methods described below. This in turn will lead to a permanent reduction of the free supply and a deliberate increase in the value of the token for its owners.

  1. Every week, 20% of the earnings from commissions from launching user NFT collections, will be spent on repurchasing tokens from secondary markets and carrying out the "Burn" function, namely by sending them to a non-existent, zero-address.

  2. Every quarter, our team will do a scheduled token burn using the same "Burn" system, in the amount of 1% of the total supply.

  3. Each successfully completed DAO vote will burn 0.01% of the token supply already issued.

Our deflationary mechanism is designed so that the number of tokens in circulation will remain in place or decrease systematically. Our ultimate goal for burning will be to leave only 20% of the total mass of tokens issued.

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